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  • ByTrinity Lake
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jun 24, 2021
I'm on the taller side (5'7") so this dress didn't fit quite right on me. The part where the top connects to the skirt was too high, resting on my bust - I wouldn't have minded this if not for the fact that this means I can't wear the waist band accessory part without it falling too low and looking ridiculous. I could sew the waistband onto the dress to fix this but this is something I would rather avoid. However, the quality of the dress itself is wonderful and it looks gorgeous. The problem with its fitting is most likely because I'm taller than the average person and I might have been better off getting a size up than what I would usually wear. However, some of the accessories weren't in great condition. One of the black bows had a white stain on it and the safety pins for attaching the bows don't look very secure at all. One of the golden ribbon pieces that are meant to be attached to one of the bows had fallen off before the dress even arrived, and the ribbon for some of the bows was also frayed. Despite my problems, I really like the dress and would definitely recommend it for the price, especially if you're shorter than I am. It's very pretty and I look forward to wearing it! :)

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