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  • Bytiffany Alonso
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jul 03, 2020
At first, when I pulled this out of the bag it came from it looked underwhelming but after a good shake out it got poofy, this petticoat for a simple lolita look. I'm starting out lolita baby and this is a good ice breaker for those long or mid-length dresses I own to get comfortable in public with it on. I'd buy this again if I need another one.

  • ByEmilie Cousin
  • Ordinary Customer
  • Jun 19, 2020
Quite poofy, very useful for layering and getting a soft poof! I never use it alone though, and rolling up the waist can be tiring and painful if you wear it all day. But overall great product, true to picture!!!

  • ByKawaii Schneider
  • Senior Member
  • Jul 08, 2019
I've bought this one as the innermost layer for my Aurora & Ariel 60cm long pettis. And it works a treat! It just gives them that extra little bit of "oomph" that I was looking for. That the very top of the petticoat can be folded over so smoothly is absolutely awesome, it makes adjusting the length a piece of cake without bunching up the fabric noticeably. The base fabric is soft and comfy, but the glass yarn part is rather sturdy and holds its shape very well. I'd range this one among the mini petticoats, though, because using it on its own at 60cm provides only a little support. Rolled up to 40-45cm I think it would provide a rather good deal of support, though, because of the really stiff glass yarn (the stuff stands up on its own, I'm not kidding! O.O ).

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